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YouTube Candy Christmas. . . In January

It always seems like I’m a season behind. It’s not unusual for me to start thinking about barbecuing in October. Or drinking iced coffee in February. Or making hot soup in July. I inch by with the motto “a day late and a dollar… Continue Reading “YouTube Candy Christmas. . . In January”

Measure then Chop or Chop then Measure?

This morning having to get up early to do that work thing, (think call before 5:00 a.m. because someone did not have the access they needed) I jumped right in and began to finish my cooking for the week. Italian Meatloaf is another recipe… Continue Reading “Measure then Chop or Chop then Measure?”

What’s for Dinner?

In what seems like a previous existence, I would know that answer before even walking out of the door in the morning to go to work. Heck, I would have an entire week menu (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with recipes, shopping lists, pantry items,… Continue Reading “What’s for Dinner?”